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Dark Woods Coffee was born on the weather beaten moors on the outskirts of Huddersfield.  This simple northern town, has beautiful landscape, friendly locals and an unusual number of coffee companies!

Through years of being involved in the coffee industry, judging world competitions, and working with some of the best baristas, we had all tasted and worked with some of the finest coffees around, but precious little was available in the North of England. And so it was time to do our own thing, to have the freedom to experiment with the finest beans, in a beautifully renovated mill nestling in the moorland landscape we love.

We want to be “inclusive” rather than “exclusive”. Roasting coffee that would be loved by the coffee specialist, but also appreciated by the general public, advising and supporting them through some of coffee’s more ‘challenging’ flavours and brewing techniques. This approach goes back down the supply chain as well, working in partnership with those who grow and supply the coffee we rely on.

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